2 Tips For Building A Home Theater That Will Ward Off The Winter Blues

If your family is tired of watching the same old television programs on your home's relatively small televisions, then a home theater is a great investment. Once you invest in a home theater system, your family can stop going to the movie theaters and spending a fortune on movie tickets and those overpriced snacks and beverages. In addition, now that fall has arrived, a home theater will also alleviate the boredom that can occur when the outdoor temperatures drop and outdoor summer fun must come to a halt. 

Read on to learn two important tips for construction a home theater that will help ward off your family's winter blues and allow everyone to have fun indoors. 

1. Choosing Projector and White Screen Can Keep Costs Low

Of course, you want to watch movies in your home theater on a large screen. However, when you look at the prices of those large screen televisions, you may get immediate sticker shock and wonder if you can really afford to invest in a home theater at all. Instead of continuing to hunt for deals on large-screen TVs, consider investing in a home movie projector and white screen. 

Per inch of picture, the image produced by a projector is more affordable than that produced by a television. In addition, video projectors can produce a picture much larger than any television on the market can produce. 

There are three types of video projectors made for home use: LCD, DLP, and LCOS Projectors. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, and a home theater professional can help you choose the one that is best for family's needs. 

While the thought of using a projector for your home theater may sound intimidating, the truth is that they are very easy to set up. In addition, projector screens are also very affordable and, in a pinch, you can even paint a wall of your home with a special reflective paint that allows you to skip the screen altogether. 

While the movie buffs in your family can watch their favorite movies with the projector, others can project their favorite television shows and even play their favorite video games on it. 

2. Remember That Speakers Are Only Part of the Equation for Getting Good Audio

Many people building their own home theaters for the first time invest in a great set of speakers and then wonder why the sound they produce the quality sound they expected. The truth is that, while it is important to invest in a set of quality speakers for your new home theater, it is just as important to take audio quality into consideration when designing your home theater room. 

Sound waves penetrate soft surfaces while they bounce off of hard surfaces. A proper mix of both will produce the best sound quality in your room. Audio experts advise home theater enthusiasts to cover about 60 to 70 percent of their home theater walls in soft acoustic absorption materials, such as acoustic fiberglass. The additional 30 to 40 percent of your room should consist of reflective surfaces. Neglecting to install the proper acoustic absorption materials can lead to an echo in the room.

While acoustic fiberglass will absorb most higher frequency sound waves just enough to reduce echo in the room, they will not absorb low frequency sounds well. That means that bass traps should also be placed in your home theater. Bass traps, or low frequency sound absorption devices, are typically placed in the corners of smaller rooms. Without them, all low frequency sound waves in your home theater may sound distorted. 

If you are building your home theater room from scratch by adding an addition to your home, you can also take many steps to design the room with sound quality in mind. Constructing walls with two layers of drywall will help block outside sounds so no outside sounds disrupt your family's viewing experience. 

Now that winter is arriving, it is a great time to invest in a custom home theater system. Follow these two tips for building a home theater that your family can enjoy all winter long. For more information, visit websites like http://atechels.com.