Top 4 Reasons To Install An Alarm System In Your Home

In this day and age, one of the best things that homeowners can do is install an alarm system in their home. The initial cost of an alarm system is often low, and in most cases the monthly fee for monitoring is quite affordable. Some of the top reasons to have an alarm system installed in your home include:

Help Prevent an Intruder from Entering Your Home

One of the biggest benefits of an alarm system is that it provides protection against home intruders. Setting the alarm at night before going to bed can provide great peace of mind, since you know that you will be alerted if someone tries to break into your home. Another benefit is knowing that when you have an alarm system, your home is being monitored when empty, so if someone tries to break in the police will immediately be contacted by your alarm system company. 

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Most people believe that alarm systems are just for preventing break-ins, but today's alarm systems also provide additional protection. Many alarm systems include carbon monoxide detectors, as well as extra smoke detectors. These safety measure can make a huge difference in your home and will help ensure that your household is well aware of a gas leak or smoke from a fire that hasn't reached the smoke detectors in your home.

Lower Homeowners Insurance Premiums

The amount that you pay for homeowners insurance depends of a number of factors determined by the insurance company. Having an alarm system installed can greatly lower your risk of insuring in the eyes of the insurance company, which results in a discount and lower homeowners insurance premiums. Make sure to mention if your alarm system includes smoke and carbon monoxide detection, as these features can help lower your homeowners insurance premiums even further. 

Emergency Medical Service

Alarm system technology continues to evolve, and more and more companies are offering customers a remote button to push when emergency services are needed. This type of medical assistance button is extremely important for anyone who may have a serious chronic medical condition, lives alone, or is elderly and may need medical assistance without prior notice.

Having an emergency button can be very reassuring for people who may need medical services without notice. A good alarm system that includes an emergency button may also help older senior citizens to remain in their home longer while knowing that access to emergency services is just a button away.