3 Questions When Renting A LCD TV For A Trade Show

Do you have an upcoming trade show where you have a booth to show off your product? If so, you are going to need some TVs to help catch the eyes of those that pass by to grab their attention and talk to them. Thankfully, it is possible to rent a TV to get the job done, but you will want to ask the following questions.

What Size TVs Are Available? 

Start by figuring out what your options are in terms of sizes since this is going to determine how you layout your booth when coming up with a diagram. If you assume you can get a TV of a certain size, you may have your plans disrupted when you learn that they are unavailable. 

What Stands Are Provided? 

You will also want to figure out what stands the rental facility has for the televisions. While some companies have their own stands for the televisions, chances are that you will need to rent some. The type of stand that you use can play into the overall presentation of your booth. For example, you may want a metal tower stand that is more industrial looking that fits the theme of your booth or a workstation where you can sit down and show specific footage to a potential customer.

In addition, you also want to find out what orientation you can put the TV on the stand. Some stands allow for a TV to be put in a vertical orientation. While this is not typically how you watch TV, you may have specific display material that is designed for a TV to be displayed vertically. This orientation can make the look of the content on the TV appear a bit more customized and unique.

How Will You Load Content On To The TVs?

It is always a good idea to figure out how the TVs are designed to load content onto them. Some may come with a streaming web player that will playback an MP4 file, while others must be hooked up to an HDMI input for you to use a DVD player or computer for video playback. Other TVs have the ability built right into them for playback media, so all you'll need is a flash drive with a file encoded in the proper format. 

Reach out to a company that provides LCD tv rentals for trade shows if you need more information.