Online Or On The Computer? Choosing A QuickBooks Version

Like most software nowadays, QuickBooks comes in both a desktop and online version. While many people simply opt to log into an online database, you might be one of the group that prefers to have a dedicated copy to yourself that no one else can use. Yet even that has its issues. Even if you are the only one using the program, think carefully about which type of program will work best for you.

Website Problems and Security Issues

One disadvantage of the online version is that you'd be subject to website maintenance times, problems, and security issues. If there's a hole in the security, that can affect your files' confidentiality. If the website is suddenly subject to a denial of service attack, you can't reach your files.

On the other hand, having the software on your computer and avoiding the online version isn't completely safe, either. If your computer has trouble, unless you've backed up your files recently, you won't be able to access the program. You could even lose your files and not have a copy, whereas the online version would always have your files as long as the website worked.

Sharing Among Family and Business Associates

The online version could be easier to share among family or co-workers who also need to work on the budget or accounting pages for your home or business. People can simply log in from wherever they are and enter the needed data. With the program on one computer, you end up having to let others use your computer or keep sharing the updated version via a local network.

Automatic Updates and Data Use

What's your home or business data situation? Are you using metered internet or a mobile device while living in an RV? Are you using a great data plan at work? Your software will need to be updated occasionally. Online versions will almost always be the most up-to-date version, but desktop versions may require you to download updates. If you have limited internet, that can chew up your data. If your internet service is great, however, those updates won't matter data-wise. Keep in mind, too, that using the online version will use data as well, though not as much as what might be required for a downloaded update.

You can always start with the online version and then switch to desktop if you want. The good news about these dual-version programs is that they are flexible, and you can see how the online version works for you for a while. For more information about which QuickBooks software is right for your needs, contact companies like Fourlane.